Say NO to Ontario’s photo radar

Wynne Government bringing back photo radar to Ontario

Close inspection of the government’s Bill 65 reveals that school zones are just the start of Kathleen Wynne’s green light for photo-radar on municipal highways across Ontario.

Instead of stopping at “school zones”, Minister Del Duca’s Bill 65 was written to allow photo radar in “community safety zones”, which, according to the Highway Traffic Act, can be anywhere a municipality chooses.

City of Hamilton councillors have already started the process of considering designation of municipal expressways – the Red Hill Creek Expressway and the Lincoln Alexander Parkway as community safety zones with the expectation of installing photo-radar.

Given the serious concerns related to green-lighting of cash-cameras on municipal highways I’m asking taxed-off motorists across the province to send the government a clear message that we don’t want a return to photo radar on expressways, parkways, and highways throughout Ontario.

Please sign on to our petition and help send the Minister a direct message to “Say NO to Ontario’s photo radar

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