Say NO to Ontario’s photo radar

Wynne Government bringing back photo radar to Ontario

Close inspection of the government’s Bill 65 reveals that school zones are just the start of Kathleen Wynne’s green light for photo-radar on municipal highways across Ontario.

Instead of stopping at “school zones”, Minister Del Duca’s Bill 65 was written to allow photo radar in “community safety zones”, which, according to the Highway Traffic Act, can be anywhere a municipality chooses.

City of Hamilton councillors have already started the process of considering designation of municipal expressways – the Red Hill Creek Expressway and the Lincoln Alexander Parkway as community safety zones with the expectation of installing photo-radar.

Given the serious concerns related to green-lighting of cash-cameras on municipal highways I’m asking taxed-off motorists across the province to send the government a clear message that we don’t want a return to photo radar on expressways, parkways, and highways throughout Ontario.

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Say NO to Ontario’s photo radar

Minister Del Duca,

PETITION - To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Whereas, everyone supports the need for safer school zones and effective initiatives that help to make those school zones safer for students, parents, teachers and motorists alike; and

Whereas, rather than focusing on work to create, “Safer School Zones”, the Wynne government’s Bill 65 will allow photo radar on expressways, parkways and highways right across the province; and

Whereas, Bill 65’s call for the use of photo radar in a, "community safety zone" (as opposed to just school zones), without indicating any definition as to what a community safety zone is, will allow photo radar and its associated fines to be implemented virtually anywhere – or virtually everywhere – within a municipality's jurisdiction; and

Whereas, councillors in Hamilton are already considering, “community safety zones” and photo radar for major area expressways; and

Whereas, in addition to Hamilton’s Lincoln Alexander Parkway and Red Hill Creek Expressway, other highways that could be hit with photo radar include Toronto’s Allen Road, Black Creek Drive, Don Valley Parkway, and Gardiner, London’s Highbury Avenue, Windsor’s Dougall Parkway, and E.C. Row Expressway, and Ottawa’s Regional Road 174 amongst others; and

Whereas, despite the fact that distracted driving has become the leading cause of death on Ontario roads, Bill 65 – and photo-radar – do nothing to curb the scourge of distracted driving, nor impaired driving, in Ontario school zones, or anywhere else; and

Whereas, ticketing through photo radar is assigned to the vehicle owner, and not the driver, thereby mitigating any desired improvement in the subject driver’s behaviour; and

Whereas, even former Premier Dalton McGuinty recognized that, “More needs to be done to crack down on speeding, but photo radar is not the answer”

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

Say NO to Ontario photo radar on municipal highways - Reject Bill 65’s inclusion of undefined Community Safety Zones for allowance of photo radar on highways across Ontario, and focus on enhancing school and student safety.


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