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Metrolinx has paid out nearly $4M in refunds over the past 3 years

Metrolinx has paid GO Transit riders $3.8 million in refunds over the past three years because of trains that were more than 15 minutes […]

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PC’s propose review of public sector executive pay if they win 2018 election

TORONTO — Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are proposing to review the salaries of public sector CEOs and other executives if they […]

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Province could step in over Metrolinx CEO’s massive pay raise

Ontario’s Transportation Minister isn’t ruling out intervening in a process that could see troubled transit agency Metrolinx’ CEO get a […]

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As Ontario’s salary freeze ends, big raises get chilly reception

Managers and top executives in the Ontario public sector haven’t had a raise in five years, but with a salary […]

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Ontario Power Generation could boost executive salaries by $8 million

Ontario Power Generation says salaries for its executives are expected to rise by up to $8 million in the next […]

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Ontario Power Generation to raise salaries by up to $8M, Metrolinx proposes CEO salary boost

TORONTO – Ontario Power Generation says salaries for its executives are expected to rise by up to $8 million in […]

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PC’s rip Wynne for road tolls ‘flip-flop’

TORONTO – Kathleen Wynne’s “flip-flop” on Toronto tolls is all about politics and not building transit. That according to Progressive Conservative transportation […]

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Firefighters clash with union over practice of working for two departments

Ontario fire fighters are battling their union over so-called ‘double-hatting’ – that’s when a fulltime firefighter in one city also […]

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UP Express fiasco should serve as ‘wake-up call’ for Wynne

TORONTO – The UP Express fare fiasco should serve as a “wake-up call” for Premier Kathleen Wynne. That according to NDP urban […]

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Donations shouldn’t pay for doctors

This is a generous community. So when the Grand River Hospital Foundation sent out an appeal for donations to bring […]

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