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Provincial opioid crisis discussed at police headquarters

The roundtable — taking place at the police service headquarters in Cambridge — included senior law enforcement officials, public health […]

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Toronto couple with service dog barred from Prince Edward County B&B

A Toronto couple were shocked when they were forced to leave a Prince Edward County bed and breakfast that wouldn’t […]

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A roundabout way to control traffic; Circles touted as safer, but there are concerns about lack of clear rules

They may drive motorists crazy — and initially cause confusion — but municipalities are increasingly turning to roundabouts as a […]

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D’AMATO: How to honour your neighbour

There’s a Liberal way of doing things, and there’s a Conservative way. The Conservative government under Stephen Harper had planned […]

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Time to write rules for roundabouts

With the widespread adoption of roundabouts, don’t you think it’s time that the rules of the road are laid out […]

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Harris reissues call for consistent roundabout rules

Kitchener MPP Michael Harris is renewing his call for more concrete roundabout rules in Ontario. “I’m not asking the government […]

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Minimum wage bump ‘tip of the iceberg,’ MPPs told at regional labour law hearings

Multi-party panel hears from both sides as province mulls raising minimum wage

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Businesses voice concerns about proposed minimum wage increase

The owner of four restaurants in rural midwestern Ontario says at least two of them will close if the province […]

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Province announces moratorium on rural school closures

The day before St. Agatha Catholic Elementary School closed its doors for the last time, the province put a moratorium […]

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Presto’s TTC installation to cost $385 million

Installing the Presto fare card system on the TTC is expected to cost the province 50 per cent more than […]

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