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A year of calls to #EndTheDriveTestGridlock, leads to hours/staff increase

December 14, 2017


December 14, 2017


A year of calls to #EndTheDriveTestGridlock, leads to hours/staff increase

Harris hoping improvements for unmet contracted service expectations don’t mean increased cost to taxpayer 

Kitchener – Ontario PC Transportation Critic MPP Michael Harris is hopeful that after a year of calling on government to enforce contracted service benchmarks for unacceptable delays on vital DriveTest services, announced changes won’t mean more cost to the people of Ontario.

“We’ve been calling on this government for a year to enforce its contracted oversight and penalty powers in meeting ministry oversight program expectations that, ‘90 per cent of customers spend 20 minutes or less,’ waiting for service.” Harris stated following the Ministry’s announcement to increase Drive Test hours. “I just hope that the action the Ministry has announced comes at no further cost to the taxpayer, as these are services and timelines that should have already been guaranteed by government’s contract with Service Provider’s SERCO.”

“Make no mistake, any additional cost falls at the feet of this Wynne Liberal government.”

Yesterday’s announcement indicated that, “starting next week, more staff and longer hours will also be available at 13 high-demand DriveTest Centres including:

  • The Brampton, Etobicoke, Newmarket, Downsview, Hamilton, Toronto Metro East, Ottawa Walkley, Kitchener and Port Union locations will be open from 7     a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, starting the week of December 18, 2017.

The announcement follows close to a year of MPP Harris pressing on and petitioning government to #EndTheDriveTestGridlock as customers seeking driver’s license testing services experience winding lines and camp-out queues to book and take a test.

“The cost of time off work, stress and frustration has only increased while the Wynne Liberal Government refused to enforce contracted provisions for timely service,” Harris added. “I’m hopeful the recent announcement finally gives us the services we’ve paid for and the government is responsible to deliver.”


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