More Minister delay and distraction on St. Mary’s EP Lab

September 20, 2017


Wednesday, September 20, 2017 

More Minister delay and distraction on St. Mary’s EP Lab

Still no delivery date despite two separate promises


Queen’s Park — After close to 6 years of delays and two separate Liberal Government commitments, the wait is apparently not over for patients and Doctors looking for delivery of the promised electrophysiology lab at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Instead of providing a timeline for delivery of the vital lab, the Minister of Health chose more distraction and delay tactics, in response to questions from Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris.

“In 2012, the Liberal government announced an urgently needed electrophysiology lab for cardiac care at St. Mary’s hospital in Kitchener,” Harris stated this morning in the Legislature. “After failing to deliver, the minister bowed to pressure and returned to St. Mary’s to recommit and re-announce the lab last year.

“Minister, it’s 2017 fall. Will he tell us where that vital lab is today?”

When the Minister failed to give a timeline for delivery of the lab suggesting the Hospital’s funding expectations were to blame, Harris cited continued delays and re-routing of St. Mary’s patients for important cardiac procedures.

“Last week CTV reported the wait that Cassandra Heesman was forced to endure over the past year to be tested and treated before being sent to London for this cardiac procedure,” reported Harris. “To this day, St. Mary’s remains the only one of 11 cardiac hospitals in Ontario still waiting for this vital lab, meaning Cassandra is one of hundreds forced to wait. Yet the only answers we receive to our questions are disappointing political distractions, of course, from the local government member that should have no part in this discussion.

“This is a dangerous waiting game with our health care priorities. No politics and no more empty promises: Will the minister finally deliver the cardiac lab at St. Mary’s that patients in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas require?”

The Minister’s repeated response regarding additional funding expectations made it clear that the wait for delivery of the promised lab will continue.

See Michael’s question in the house here:


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