Calling in Auditor to investigate Ministry approved GO stations

August 30, 2017


Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Calling in Auditor to investigate Ministry approved GO stations

Overruled Metrolinx analysis requires third party investigation

 KITCHENER — Ontario PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris has called in the Auditor to investigate after continued reports relating to the approval of two GO stations – one in the riding of the Transportation Minister – against the strong recommendation and analysis of Metrolinx.                            

“… I’m writing to request that your office conduct a full value for money audit of the recent Ministry of Transportation and Metrolinx approved Kirby and Lawrence East Go station proposals,” Harris wrote. “I believe it is vital we have all information related to potential impacts for the proposed expenditures of $100 million (Kirby Station) and $23 million (Lawrence East) before the projects move ahead.”

While information continues to be revealed as to backroom conversations that ultimately led to Metrolinx recommendations being overruled – via news release from the ministry – Harris cited the need to protect taxpayer dollars in the absence of answers from the Minister.

“As you well know, this government has a history of massive cost overruns when it comes to infrastructure projects, and your office has played an integral role in bringing this information to the public’s attention,” noted Harris. “Before any more hard-earned tax dollars are sunk into these projects, taxpayers deserve to know that the money will be spent effectively and efficiently.”

With longer travel times, fewer passengers, more highway traffic and losses predicted by Metrolinx analysis, Harris said he looks forward to the Auditor’s response and investigation.


 For further information contact: Rob Willett | 519-404-4052 | 

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