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Liberal Presto cost overruns nearing a half billion

June 28, 2017


June 28, 2017


Liberal Presto cost overruns nearing a half billion

Waterloo Region residents pay more while waiting for promised All-day,Two-way GO


Kitchener – Three years after being promised All-Day, Two Way GO service, Waterloo Region residents are paying more for Wynne Liberal PRESTO cost overruns, Union-Pearson Express subsidies, and GO Train fares, while they continue to wait for the trains.                                                          

Kitchener-Conestoga MPP and Ontario PC Transportation Critic MPP Michael Harris slammed today’s news that the government now expects to pour a total of $444 million into the TTC Presto fare card rollout and software – up from the original $255 million budget. Previously confirmed cost overruns of $220 million on overall development and implementation means taxpayers are footing a Presto bill that has ballooned by close to a half billion dollars.

“Only in Wynne Liberal Ontario do taxpayers pay more – close to half a billion more – for less!” Harris indicated. “Today’s reports, only one day after we learn government will be hiking GO and UPX fares, are clear evidence that the people of Ontario are paying for this government’s poor planning and oversight.”

The nearly half billion in new costs are only the latest in a long list of concerns that have haunted the Liberal’s chosen Presto technology since it was first launched. The costs also follow news earlier this year that up to 12 per cent of the Presto machines on TTC cars weren’t even working.

“Meantime, the people of Waterloo Region are continuing to wait for an All-day, Two-Way GO service that was promised to them during the last election,” noted Harris. “And it gets worse – not only are Waterloo Region taxpayers awaiting full GO service helping to pay the Wynne Liberal Presto cost overruns, but today we also learned they are helping foot the bill for UPX riders at $11 per ride to prop up the airport transit service.”

Harris noted that the latest Metrolinx revelations are prime examples of how the Wynne Government expects Waterloo Region residents to pay more despite the lack of action on vital transportation commitments.


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