Wynne Liberals drive up license fees for Canada’s 150th

June 22, 2017


June 22, 2017

Wynne Liberals drive up license fees for Canada’s 150th

It’s the gift that just keeps on taking


Kitchener – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris says the Wynne Liberals attempt to quietly sneak in a regulation making drivers’ license tests more expensive starting on Canada Day is another sign that the Ontario government will do anything to take more of our money. These increased fees only add to the burden of other fee hikes this government has saddled drivers with over the past few years.

“The fact that the Wynne Liberals chose Canada’s 150th birthday to increase these drivers’ fees makes it clear that they didn’t want anyone to notice – we’ve noticed.” said Harris. “And I’m sure Ontarians across the province will be appalled when they notice that the Liberals are using our National birthday to pick our pockets once again.”

Beginning on Canada’s 150th birthday everyone writing driving exams, including first-time drivers hoping to get a G1 license, will be spending more as this fee increases to $23.25 on July 1. This represents a roughly 130 percent fee hike since Kathleen Wynne became Premier in 2013.

On top of that, the cost of drivers’ road tests for Class A through F licences will increase to $96.75, which represents a 28 percent increase since 2013. This fee hike will affect truck drivers, school bus drivers, ambulance drivers and many others.

“Is this Liberal government so desperate for cash that it has to make life more expensive for drivers across the province?” said PC Leader Patrick Brown. “This just goes to show that the Liberals are completely out of touch with everyday Ontarians. Every year we see more fee increases. Under the Liberals, Ontarians pay more and get less, and they seem set on making it worse.”

The Canada Day fee hikes follow similar Liberal increases to vehicle sticker renewal fees over the past number of years that, as of last September, were jacked up to $120 – 62 percent higher than in 2011.


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