Harris calls again for government transparency Re-introducing Transparency in Government Bills Act

May 30, 2017


May 30, 2017 

Harris calls again for government transparency

Re-introducing Transparency in Government Bills Act

Queen’s Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris reached back to re-introduce a private members bill calling for government transparency that remains out of reach 5 years after its initial introduction.

“I introduced this bill back in 2012, and to this day, the transparency in Government bills that it calls for remains unattainable.” Harris indicated. “Today, what with far-reaching government legislation continuing to be passed into law without allowing the public any insight into its impact, I felt it was time to try again.”

The Transparency in Government Bills Act would require government to table a report for each government bill that assesses the costs and benefits associated with that bill. This list will include, among other things:

  • A detailed summary of the financial costs the bill will have on government, municipalities, individuals and businesses,
  • An assessment of potential legislative overlap with different levels of government,
  • A review of how the bill will affect Ontario’s competitiveness,

The report will be posted on the Legislative Assembly’s website after it is tabled.

“Look this government was elected on a mandate of ‘transparency and accountability’, and yet we continue to see neither; instead of transparency we have a government  telling us they have a plan for hydro relief, only to hear later from the FAO that the plan will actually see hydro rates rise immediately following the election.” Harris indicated. “Moreover we are seeing labour legislation calling for massive changes in our workplaces that they’ve not bothered to do a cost-benefit assessment on.”

Harris said he’s hopeful that this time around the Transparency in Government Bills Act will provide a powerful legal tool to force the government into providing a sound business case for legislation impacting the people of Ontario.


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