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Wynne Liberal High Speed electioneering leaves us waiting for the trains

May 19, 2017

Kitchener – After waiting years for delivery of promised transit improvements, today’s Wynne Liberal announcement on High Speed rail only pushes the commuting needs of Waterloo Region residents further down the track according to PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris.

“Here we go again with the Wynne Liberals riding into town ahead of an election to buy votes with stretch transportation promises they never seem to deliver,” Harris said following the Premier’s electioneering visit to Kitchener. “The only thing worse this time is that the High-Speed Report they are basing their plans on is recommending only one GO train per hour between Kitchener and Toronto, potentially derailing the All-Day Two Way service we were promised in the last election.”

Specifically the High Speed Rail in Ontario: Special Advisor’s Final Report calls for a combination of HSR and GO trains to service the Kitchener to Toronto corridor, requiring only one GO train per hour in both peak, and off-peak times.

“Whether it’s the Kitchener two-way, all-day GO or high-speed rail from Toronto to Windsor, this Liberal government’s legacy is promises made, promises broken,” asserted Harris. “Last election the former Transportation Minister told us we’d have All-Day Two Way GO within five years, only to be later told by the current Minister that the promise may have been ‘aspirational’ as the timeline was stretched to ten years.”

Harris added that this is the second election in a row that they’ve tried to lure voters high speed dreams – last time they had a consultant from England slap together a report based on Google Maps data, while the Minister promised an EA for the project in the Fall (a promise apparently forgotten once the votes had been counted).

“They trot out the high-speed carrot on a stick down here every time they want to secure our votes, and then they forget about us until they need to pull it out again ahead of the next election.”

Harris noted that after continued disappointments waiting for Liberals deliver on their election transit promises, people are sick and tired of waiting to see if promised Liberal trains will ever pull into the station.

“The Liberals can keep their promises, we just want the trains to get us to and from Toronto.”