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Liberal hydro ads sent to local ratepayers break, “the spirit of the Act” – Ontario Auditor General

May 18, 2017


Queen’s Park – Ontario’s Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk, is again raising concerns over the Liberal Government’s questionable, taxpayer funded advertising tactics following “rebate” notices being added to ratepayers bills sent out across Waterloo Region and throughout the province.

In response to a letter from PC Energy Critic Todd Smith, the Auditor General indicated that the government’s advertising included with ratepayer’s hydro bills bends the rules for the Liberal government’s benefit. Lysyk writes in the letter: “While the letter of the law was not broken, the intent or spirit of the Act was.”

“The Auditor’s response follows her rebuke of government for obvious partisan advertising to sell ratepayers on the Liberal’s so-called ‘Fair Hydro Plan’,” Harris said. “This is just another example of a desperate government that will do anything to mislead people about their seat saving hydro scheme.”

Even more concerning are reports that industry experts have indicated the cost of the Liberals’ promotional inserts will be recoverable through distribution charges on people’s electricity bills.

“These Liberals just don’t get it, here we have an unworkable hydro scheme that was supposed to address the high cost of hydro and they’re trying to sell us on it by adding government advertising that will only add to the high cost of hydro,” added Harris. “It makes no sense, and once again it’s the ratepayer that gets stuck with the bill.”

“If the Liberals want to sell us on their desperate, futile hydro scheme, they should pay for it themselves.”