MPP Harris says NO to Liberal budget

May 16, 2017


May 16, 2017


MPP Harris says NO to Liberal budget 

Queen’s Park – Citing a complete lack of confidence in the Liberal government’s ability to manage the provincial economy and meet residents’ needs, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris has voted against the Wynne Liberals’ Budget motion today. 

“In the simplest of terms I do not support a Liberal shell game budget that will prolong the direction this government has led us on toward a doubling of the debt and continued waiting games for delivery of ‘stretch promises’ like All Day Two Way GO,” Harris said. “While I recognize and support high-tech investments noted in the document, I cannot support the budget in its entirety that “cooks the books” in a desperate misleading attempt to appear fiscally responsible.” 

Harris noted that the so-called “balanced budget” is propped up by one-time windfalls of asset sales, along with $1.8 billion from Cap and trade, and inflated federal infrastructure transfers that disguise an actual $5 billion operational deficit. The shortfall will continue to mean ongoing increases to the record $312 billion debt – the largest single sub-national debt in the world. 

“We simply can’t support a government fiscal agenda that has us paying down more for annual interest on the debt than we pay on universities and colleges or on provincial highways and transit combined,” stated Harris. “While this government continues to overspend, overcommit, and under deliver, our costs to live in this province are going in only one direction – and sadly this Liberal budget does nothing to change that.” 

All Opposition MPPs in the P.C. and N.D.P. Caucuses, present in the House, voted against the Budget motion while all Liberal Government MPPs in attendance supported it. 

The motion passed by a vote of 53-39. 


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