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MPP Harris and OWMA ask drivers to slow down, move over

April 28, 2017

Queen’s Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris was joined by members of the Ontario Waste Management Association and Emterra today in Elmira to discuss ongoing efforts to extend slow-down, move over privileges to waste and recycling collection workers.

“Today’s National Day of Mourning ceremonies really put into perspective why we’re here today; for workplace safety,” Harris noted. “When your workplace is the road I think we can all understand the need to address the ongoing safety concerns that speed past your office everyday.”

Harris noted that it has now been 14 years since motorists in Ontario were first introduced to the idea of slowing down and moving over for emergency vehicles. Following Government’s decision to pick up on former MPP Garfield Dunlop’s initiative to extend Slow-Down Move Over to road side assistance vehicles, road and road-side workers, Harris decided to introduce legislation to take the safety provisions one step further.

“Waste and recycling collection workers have one of the most dangerous jobs. Every day on the road they face the risk of being seriously injured or even killed by a distracted or impatient driver,” said Paulina Leung, OWMA Board Director and Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Emterra Group. “British Columbia and several states south of the border have already taken action to require drivers to slow down and move over for waste and recycling collection vehicles. It’s now time for Ontario to do the same. All road-side workers deserve the same protections no matter where they live.”

Harris added that while Bill 42, the Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Waste Collection Vehicles and Snow Plows), 2016, is his second attempt at legislating the safety measure he’s hopeful continued support and awareness will see government adopt the bill’s provisions into law.