Minister refuses to acknowledge $770 million Metrolinx mess

February 23, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – While a war of words and legal threats build publicly, Ontario’s Transportation Minister was mute today in responding to key concerns relating to his transit agency – Metrolinx – and its $770 million, 182 light rail vehicle (LRV) train contract dispute with Bombardier.

“It’s no secret that some of the projects where the Liberals had planned to send the 182 light rail vehicles have fallen off the rails, leading some to wonder if Metrolinx is trying to avoid paying for the trains they ordered,” Opposition Transportation Critic Michael Harris indicated in the Legislature today. “Those suspicions grow when we learn that Bombardier has had a test vehicle ready for inspection since October- the media saw it yesterday – yet Metrolinx refuses to inspect after filing for contract termination.

“Can the Premier tell us, what the heck is going on here?”

When the Premier failed to answer, Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca ignored the question completely, and turned to attack Harris for the “audacity” to ask such a question.

Undaunted, Harris returned to focus on impacts relating to the ongoing contract mess.

“It was this Liberal government that negotiated the terms of the contract, and now we’re going to foot the bill for its mismanagement,” Harris asserted. “The people of Ontario aren’t asking for much, they just want the trains they’ve paid for.

“Will the Premier tell us, when will we get our LRV’s and how many millions more will we have to pay?”

The Premier and Minister again failed to take the opportunity to provide clarity on train delivery and costs.