Wynne Liberals silence voices calling for health care improvements

October 27, 2016

Queen’s Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris is disappointed the Wynne Liberals have shut down debate on game-changing proposed health care legislation before he was able to share constituents’ concerns.

As debate on Bill 41, the Patients First Act, was poised to continue this morning, the Liberals used their majority to shut down debate. The bill which would eliminate CCACs’ and place more authority – and bureaucracy – in the LHIN’s, has been called “flawed legislation” by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) who also noted that government falsely claimed doctors had input on Bill 41 when their concerns with the bill were ignored.

“A government that is dedicated to serving its citizens would listen to the difficulties people are facing and want to fix these problems,” Harris said. “Instead, we are seeing a government shutting down opposition voices again and again.

“If this government truly wanted to put “Patients First” they wouldn’t silence debate before the Opposition had been able to provide their input,” noted Harris. “But this is hardly a government that puts patients first – a point that was delivered loud and clear to me and hundreds who drove to Queens Park March 3rd to witness my motion calling for a select committee on rare disease treatment and support, go down to defeat at the hands of this Liberal government.”

Harris added that if government actually put patients first, we wouldn’t see:

  • More than 1,440 nurses cut during 2015 alone
  • 50 medical residency positions eliminated
  • $20 million slashed from the assistive devices program

Harris noted that the government’s latest move to silence opposition on health care comes shortly after shutting down debate on high hydro rates that continue to make life more difficult under the Wynne Liberals. 

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