MPP Harris joins with OWMA, Niagara Region, to ask drivers to Slow Down, Move Over

October 17, 2016

Queen’s Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris stood with Niagara Regional Chair, Alan Caslin, the Ontario Waste Management Association, and members of Walker Industries and Emterra today to announce the reintroduction of legislation to extend slow-down, move over privileges to garbage trucks and snow-plows.

“It’s now been 13 years since motorists in Ontario were first introduced to the idea of slowing down and moving over for emergency vehicles,” Harris stated. “As government moved last year to pick up on Garfield Dunlop’s initiative to extend Slow-Down Move Over to road-side assistance vehicles, I was reminded during conversations with OWMA and Ontario Road Builders Association of the safety needs for some of our other road and road-side workers.
“It was with those conversations in mind that I stood in the Legislature this month to introduce Bill 171 and extend slow-down move over restrictions to waste/recycling vehicles, and snow removal, sanding vehicles when those vehicles have their flashing lights on.”

“MPP Michael Harris’ Slow Down Move Over Private Member’s Bill highlights the importance of employee safety across Ontario and the important, and sometimes dangerous work, that our municipal employees undertake each day,” Niagara Regional Chair Alan Caslin said. “Niagara Region’s waste collection vehicle and snowplow operators deserve a safe work environment. This legislative change supporting front line workers will help to ensure they are protected now and in the years to come.”

“Waste collection workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Every day on our roads they face the risk of being seriously injured or even killed by a distracted or careless driver,” said Peter Hargreave, Acting OWMA CEO. “British Columbia and other North American jurisdictions already require drivers to slow down and move over for waste collection vehicles, so there’s no reason that Ontario should be any different. All road-side workers deserve the same protections no matter where they live.”

“Our workers are at their most vulnerable when working alongside Ontario roads and highways, especially in live traffic,” said Ashley DeSouza of the Ontario Road Builders Association. “Slow Down Move Over Legislation will help to ensure that they are better protected while doing their job so that at the end of the day they can go home safe and sound to their families and loved ones.”

“Safety is our number one value principle at Walker.  We are proud to support Bill 171 and MPP Michael Harris’s efforts to increase the safety of roadside workers within the communities in which we live and work”.   Mike Watt.

Harris added that with no ballot date set for debate in the near future, he’s joining with OWMA and ORBA to encourage supportive groups and municipalities to advocate with the provincial government to adopt the bill’s provisions into law.

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