Truck protest impacts grow as Minister remains silent on axle-weight restrictions

September 23, 2016

Kitchener – Ontario’s Opposition Transportation Critic, Michael Harris is asking how many more have to be affected before the Minister breaks his silence on disputed axle-weight restrictions being targeted by repeated truck protests on the 401.

“This week we had three days in a row where not only was traffic severely disrupted, but so too was business and industry that rely on these trucks to carry daily loads,” Harris pointed out. “Three days later, we’re still left wondering where the Minister stands.”

Dump trucks operators began staging protests on Tuesday at the Trafalgar weigh scales, to highlight what they feel is unfair enforcement of axle-weight load restrictions (as opposed to gross weight) that, until the beginning of September, were held in abeyance by a legacy of moratoriums.

“Safety is always paramount when considering truck weight restrictions, but after years of dispute you would think the Minister would want to address truckers’ arguments relating to inherent difficulties with axle-weight enforcement,” indicated Harris. “Instead, the Minister has simply lifted the moratorium on the axle-weight restriction enforcement, and ignored the issues that led to the moratorium in the first place.”

Harris noted recent comments from the Ontario Stone Sand and Gravel Association calling for MTO action and a resolution to the protest issues, indicating that with both truck operators and contractors seeking a solution, it’s up to the Minister to provide direction.