Joining families of autistic children to send a clear message to Wynne gov’t

April 20, 2016

Autism doesn’t end at 5!!!”


That was the call from hundreds of families with autistic children who showed up at Queens Park and marched in Kitchener Centre to stand against the Liberal Government’s decision to remove Autistic children over 5 on the waiting list for Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) therapy.

I was proud to join families marching through Kitchener Friday April 15th, to stand against the Liberal plan to pay off families with one-time payments to ‘shorten’ the waitlist.

After years of waiting for IBI treatment for their child, to have been pulled off the waitlist is devastating for families – the Wynne government can’t simply abandon these children and parents when they most need support.

If there’s one thing we’ve seen with this government it’s that they will bow to pressure – it’s only a matter of time before our message forces that change…So I encourage families to keep up that pressure, keep talking to your MPPs’ and government….

Remind them that the need for IBI support doesn’t magically switch off at 5….