Wynne Liberals waste more on culture of luxury, excess at Metrolinx

March 21, 2016

Queens Park – “Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, the people of Ontario are learning more about what they’re paying for: a culture of luxury and excess this government has allowed at Metrolinx.”

That from PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris as he questioned the accountability of the Wynne Liberals following revelations that Metrolinx had been in negotiations to spend over $20,000 to show off upscale U-P Express uniforms during Toronto Fashion Week.

“Not only have we paid millions for 9 months of near-empty UP ghost express trains, but now we learn we wasted thousands-more – in fact it cost more than $8 thousand dollars to cancel the ill-advised fashion fiasco.” Harris said. “When will the Premier do her job and ensure our transit dollars are not wasted on any further value-less vanity projects?”

Harris added that the Minister’s stated “disappointment” does nothing to restore the taxpayers’ money government continues to waste.

“I’m sure we’re all disappointed the Minister didn’t get his chance to do Zoolander’s ‘blue-steel’ on the runway in retro-chique train couture, but the fact is Metrolinx is charged with transit planning – this needs to be Project Transit, NOT Project Runway,” Harris asserted. “Will the Premier tell us how she expectsanyone to trust her to oversee billions in transit investment at Metrolinx when we see that money being thrown down the runway?”

The Minister pledged that Metrolinx staff would be working closer with the Ministry in the future, ignoring the fact that that working relationship should already be in place.