‘Appalling’, ‘Disgusting’ bus station latest, ‘warning bell’ on lack of Liberal oversight at Metrolinx

March 10, 2016

Queen’s Park – For the third time in three weeks, PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris stood in the house to question Premier and her Minister for their lack of oversight at Metrolinx.

“Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie is calling Metrolinx’s behavior “appalling” saying ‘They operate with their own set of rules,’ after inspecting yet another botched development – this time for a simple bus station,” Harris said. “Councilor Carolyn Parish called it ‘disgusting’, adding that, ‘she doesn’t trust them’ – Speaker, if their municipal colleagues don’t trust them, how can the people of Ontario trust the Premier to oversee Metrolinx spending of billions earmarked for transit expansion across the province?”

Harris’ question followed news that a new Metrolinx-developed bus station in Mississauga had “design changes after the (public) consultation,” leading to neighbours’ being unexpectedly impacted by bathroom ventilation exhaust aimed at their swimming pool, bus passengers being able to peer over backyard fences into homes, and lights that shine all-night long.

“Speaker, if Metrolinx is rogue as the Mayor indicates, then it’s this government that has allowed it to go that way – it’s their responsibility,” noted Harris. “Will the Premier please explain to Ontarians how they can trust her with the billions of dollars she’s overseeing to build, operate and manage transit in Ontario?”

While the Minister indicated he was talking to the Mayor to discuss remedies to the bus station concerns, he did nothing to alleviate the growing concerns over the lack of government oversight that has allowed so many multi-million dollar projects to go off-the-rails in recent months at the Liberal transit planning agency.