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Warning signs ahead on Wynne Lib transit promises for Waterloo Region

February 10, 2016

Kitchener – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris is wondering what the Wynne Liberals are up to following the exclusion of Waterloo Region from Metrolinx public consultations as well as recent remarks from the local Liberal member on repeated government commitments to All-Day, Two-Way GO and High Speed Rail.

“We’ve been raising concerns for years now that the Wynne Liberals were leading us on with commitments to All-Day, Two-Way GO…‘immediately’, then within five years, then ten,” noted Harris. “Now we’re starting to see further very real indications that this government is intending to leave us at the back of the train when it comes to delivery of the enhanced train services our area so desperately needs.”

Harris noted that a recently announced slate of Ontario Government/Metrolinx open houses and public consultations on issues such as “Electrification of GO”, “New Stations” and the, “Regional Transportation Plan Review” completely shuts out Waterloo Region.

“Overlooking the importance of our Region to the overall picture of future Metrolinx Transit plans – that include our often-promised GO enhancements – is another wake-up call to our residents as to where we sit in this government’s priorities,” Harris said.

He went on to highlight recent comments from Kitchener Centre MPP Daiene Vernile as further indication government may be quietly attempting to back away from their promised plans.

“After a local high-speed rail meeting, MPP Vernile told reporters that she’s interested in faster rail if it’s ‘all-way, two-day GO OR High Speed Rail’” Harris asserted. “To be clear, the people of our Region were promised BOTH All-Day, Two-Way GO – within five years – AND High-Speed Rail…so which is it, are All-Day Two-Way plans being shelved for high-speed…are we getting both, one, or is this just an endless carrot-on-the stick chase that sees area commuters waiting for trains that may never pull in the station?”