U-P ghost express rolls on to diminishing returns

February 5, 2016

Queens Park – PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris says that more than half a year into the Wynne Liberal Union Pearson Luxury express experiment, ridership continues to go anywhere but ‘up’.”

Harris commented following the release of new ridership numbers for the last few months indicating an even further decline in numbers from concerning reports in the Fall.

“When I asked the Minister about this in the Fall, he indicated that things would get better, that it was just early growing pains that new transit options experience,” Harris recalled. “Well, three months and some new fare reductions – to fares that we warned were too expensive – later, the situation’s actually now worse!”

He noted that some trains are running at less than 10 per cent capacity, with fewer than 14 riders on 173 seat trains.

“This government spent millions on creating a vintage-chic terminal-to train experience, resulting in fare options that turned customers off – now they have to do some serious scrambling if they’re even going to come close to half their initial ridership projections,” stated Harris. “Meantime taxpayers are left with a white-elephant on wheels that we’re all paying for.”

The latest U-P ridership numbers can be found here: