MPP Harris travels to Windsor for #TreatRareDisease Tour

January 27, 2016

Queen’s Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris has continued his listening tour this morning in support of his province-wide campaign and private members motion calling on government to strike a Select Committee into rare disease treatment in Ontario.

Today’s discussion is the second in a series of meetings in advance of the February 25th debate of Harris’ Private Member’s Motion for the all-party Select Committee to hear from experts and sufferers and create recommendations for Rare Disease Treatment funding.

“For too many years now, we’ve seen too many patients forced to come to Queens Park cap-in-hand to plead with government for life-saving and life-transforming rare disease treatment – this month we’re coming to them to hear their stories reflecting the need for the province-wide strategy my motion speaks to,” said Harris. “We hear these stories on a case-by-case basis in every riding every year, it’s time to reach out to them, and put the entire picture together to understand the need for action on a province-wide basis.”

Harris noted that he is planning to visit a number of areas across the province in the coming month to hear directly from those impacted to help build support and momentum towards his motion’s debate.

“This is an issue that crosses all party lines and I’m hopeful MPP’s whose areas we are visiting – and those across the province – will hear these stories and sign on to support my motion February 25th,” Harris offered. “Sufferers need more than words of understanding from government and a pat on the back when they are on the doorstep and the cameras are on – they need an accessible process that will take the politics out of it and ensure support is there when they need it.”

Harris thanked the members Alpha-1 Canada who helped host the meeting, and for their work in support of those living with alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency.

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