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Kitchener residents pay more, get less for inadequate Go service

December 3, 2015

Queens Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris says the announced fare increase for Kitchener GO commuters is the latest slap-in-the-face as government stalls on promised two-way, all-day service.

“Here we continue to wait as this government, and our government members, spin their wheels on delivery of their promises for two-way, all-day GO service within five years, and now our residents will be forced to pay the highest fare hike in the province for the inadequate service they’ve left us with,” said Harris. “It’s a pay more, get less approach that is leaving our area commuters stuck at the back of the bus.”

Harris noted that while Kitchener GO commuters will be asked to pay an increase of $1.20 – the largest increase in the province – on a round-trip to/from Union Station, riders in places like Scarborough who already enjoy all-day service will only see an 80 cent increase.

“Worse still, even as local riders are met with hikes and lip-service to government’s enhanced transit promises, we hear that the Liberal’s botched boutique Union-Pearson (U-P) Express service will see discounted fares as ridership dwindles,” Harris asserted. “Why are we the ones paying for the government’s poor planning and spending of our tax dollars on an already failing luxury service?”

Harris said he will continue to fight against the continued affronts to the needs of Kitchener GO commuters as he seeks to hold government, and government members, to account for enhanced transit promises they’ve failed to deliver.