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MPP Harris calls on government to strike Select Committee into Rare Disease Treatment

November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015


MPP Harris calls on government to strike Select Committee into Rare Disease Treatment


QUEEN’S PARK – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris officially launched his campaign for treatment and support of rare disease sufferers in Ontario today.


Joined by parents and sufferers impacted by rare disease in the Queens Park Media Studio, Harris called on government to support his private members motion to strike a Select Committee into Rare Disease treatment in Ontario.


“The motion I’ll be debating February 25th, calls for an all-party committee to tour the province, hear from experts, medical professionals, sufferers and their families, and use that first-hand experience to develop meaningful, lasting recommendations for treatment of rare disease in Ontario,” said Harris. “For far too long rare disease sufferers have faced endless hurdles – to diagnosis, to approved medication, to referral or out-of-country treatment – due to their smaller numbers and higher relative treatment costs.


“These are people of Ontario just like you or me and the higher cost shouldn’t mean rare disease sufferers are abandoned by a government that leaves them to fund their own medical expenses.”


To help build the momentum toward the select committee process Harris announced the launch of a website www.treatraredisease.ca where people can learn more, share stories and write or tweet their MPP’s to join the call.


“Sufferers need more than words of understanding from government and a pat on the back when they are on the doorstep and the cameras are on – they need an accessible process that will take the politics out of it and ensure support is there when they need it,” Harris asserted. “It’s my hope that an all-party Select Committee will unlock that process that has long remained out of reach.”


Watch the media conference launching the Treat Rare Disease Campaign here:




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