Charges in Sudbury by-election scandal break through Wynne’s stonewalling – Time for Premier to step aside?

September 24, 2015

Queens Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris says after 7 months of Premier Wynne stonewalling, charges in the Sudbury by-election scandal mean it’s time for Ms. Wynne to step aside.

“There’s a dark cloud over the Premier’s office – charges now being laid against Gerry Lougheed Jr. only lead to more questions as to who ordered him to contravene bribery rules in offering Andrew Olivier taxpayer funded positions to move aside for a Premier selected candidate in the Sudbury by-election,” Said Harris. “Gerry Lougheed made it clear on tape that he was speaking to Mr. Olivier on behalf of the Premier, Gerry has now been charged – it’s time for the Premier to tell the truth and remove herself from office as questions over her leadership continue to grow”

The OPP announced charges today against Liberal fundraiser Gerry LOUGHEED Jr. of Sudbury, including one count of Counselling an Offence Not Committedand one count of Unlawfully Influencing or Negotiating Appointments. The charges follow Elections Ontario CEO Greg Essensa’s report in the Spring that concluded the Premier’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Patricia Sorbara, and provincial appointee to the Greater Sudbury Police Services Board, Gerry Lougheed Jr, apparently violated the Elections Act by offering a job or appointment to Andrew Olivier if he would withdraw from becoming a candidate.

“We’re talking about a Premier leading a government under four separate OPP investigations – the same Premier that during the Sudbury investigation told the public and police that with regard to charges, ‘On our review of the matter we don’t expect that to happen’” said Harris. “Both Loughheed and the Premier’s Deputy Chief of Staff made it clear they approached Andrew Olivier on behalf of the Premier – Ms. Wynne needs to take responsibility, and step aside herself .”

Harris says he looks forward to continuing to press the Premier for the accountability and transparency she promised she would deliver to Ontarians.