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Harris joins call for mandatory reporting of accidents

August 14, 2015

Kitchener – MPP Michael Harris today called for support of a petition being posted on his website calling for the mandatory reporting of accidents.

Harris reached out to Steve Krofchick following reports of the fatal accident in which his brother, 42-year-old Gordon Krofchick, was struck by a car riding his bicycle late at night on County Road 7 north of Guelph. The incident wasn’t reported at the time as the driver felt they had hit an animal. Gordon’s body was found next to his crumpled bicycle the next morning.

“Look this is a tragedy for the Krofchick family that can’t be undone, but perhaps further tragedies can be avoided in the future if we listen to their call to require motorists in collisions – even minor ones – to report the incident to police,” Harris said. “Today I’m joining the Krofchick’s in calling for change, and asking people to add their names to the petition at my website.”

Currently under the Highway Traffic Act drivers are only required to report any collision that leaves more than $1,000 worth of damage to the vehicle, including hitting an animal.

“If the driver would have stopped and reported the accident, my brother may still be alive today,” Steven Krofchick said. “I hope the distribution of this petition at area businesses, Michael’s website, and the August 22nd Family Fun Day at Southwest Optimist Park will help build the support to ensure motorists stop and report all accidents!”

Harris urged residents to access his website at: http://michaelharrismpp.ca/ to print off and sign the petition. He looks forward to reading in the petitions in the Legislature following its return September 14th.