Wynne Liberals waste another $26.9M on cancelled eHealth contract ….as Ontarians continue to await health concerns to be addressed

June 19, 2015

Kitchener – Add another $26.9 million, for a now-cancelled registry of diabetes patients, to the billion-plus already wasted on the Liberal eHealth mess.

Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris says the compensation now required to pay CGI Information Services for work on the axed diabetes registry, is just the latest hit for taxpayers paying for the Liberal eHealth fiasco.

“When I asked Minister of Health Deb Matthews in Estimates Committee in 2012, she told me, ‘No money will be spent on this project until we have a substantially completed product’,” Harris recalled. “One year later, after cancelling CGI’s contract for the registry, she told the Committee it wasn’t costing taxpayers a cent.

“Today we’re on the hook for another $26.9 million for work on a diabetes registry that doesn’t even exist!”

Harris noted that the expense builds on Deb Matthews legacy for waste and mismanagement as Health Minister for a Liberal government that has overseen a billion eHealth scandal and an Ornge debacle that is still under OPP investigation. He added that it’s a further slap in the face to diabetics who saw government cut funding for blood glucose test strips to save up to $25 million a year.

“So here we have a government saving money on the backs of Ontarians requiring health care, to pay for their total mismanagement of our health care sector – in this case eHealth again, and a cancelled diabetes registry,” asserted Harris. “Ontarians deserve better, but unfortunately under the Wynne Liberals we continue to pay while vital health care dollars are wasted.”