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More Wynne-Liberal ‘talk’, & still no commitment to deliver all-day, two-way GO to Kitchener

June 16, 2015

Kitchener – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris says the continued carrot-on-a-stick routine the Premier and her Transportation Minister continue to drag Waterloo Region through speaks to the Liberal Government’s refusal to deliver transit fairness anytime soon.

“Once again the Premier, her Minister of Transportation, and two local Liberal MPP’s show up to discuss our transit needs and their transit promises, and once again we’ve been sent to the back of the bus,” Harris indicated following the Premier’s tour and meeting with local officials. “How many times do we have to sit through the same old song-and-dance of progressive ‘talks’ and ‘discussions’ on all-day, two-way GO promises they made, while areas across the province get their GO transit – with no mention of the short-end-of-the-stick we received on LRT funding?

“It’s well-passed time for transit fairness to be delivered to residents in Waterloo Region.”

Harris commented following a news conference in which the Premier again refused to provide a timeline on the all-day, two way GO service promises she made to Waterloo Region only a year ago.

“Here are the facts, the Premier made a pre-election promise, re-announcing the addition of Kitchener GO Train service after having cancelled it in 2010, then once she formed government she stated more trains would be added ‘immediately,” stated Harris. “Since that time we have seen the Wynne Liberals make countless visits down here speaking to the importance of ‘talks’ and ‘discussions’, while her own Minister admitted to me in committee that there are a lot of announcements and commitments that governments and MPPs make during elections that are ‘aspirational in nature’.

“We’ve seen this movie before – and it ends with area residents waiting for a train that may never come while the Premier preaches patience…..enough talk, it’s time for our transit commitments to be delivered!”