MPP Harris calls on government to legislate ridesharing across Ontario

May 28, 2015

MPP Harris calls on government to legislate ridesharing across Ontario

“As technology evolves, our laws must evolve with it”

Queens Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris took the first significant step toward addressing the emergence of ridesharing technology by the province of Ontario.

Harris tabled a motion in the Legislature this morning indicating that, in the opinion of this House, technology is evolving the way people get around and our laws built for the last century’s economy need to evolve with it. Consumers demand more efficient, affordable and enjoyable means of travel, which ridesharing companies, like Uber, are able to provide. The Government should support innovation, competition and consumer choice through the immediate development of public policies to ensure both public safety and better service for consumers in the Province of Ontario.”

Following the motion, Harris held a news conference at Queens Park highlighting the fact that, “As technology evolves, our laws must evolve with it,” adding that with, “consumer demand driving advances in technology that, quite evidently, people want, it’s time for jurisdictions across the world to get on board or risk being left behind.”

To date, close to half the US states have passed legislation to govern ridesharing. While ridesharing has been a hotly debated issue on the municipal level in Ontario, MPP Harris is the first provincial political to weigh in on the issue.

“Look, this issue doesn’t affect just one city, it affects the entire province – acting on the provincial level allows us to avoid a patchwork of public policies that could soon conflict with the creation of varied municipal by-laws,” Harris stated. “By developing ridesharing legislation, we can set the standard for how transportation network companies operate across Ontario and support consumer choice.

“It’s all about consumer choice, and consumers have chosen to get on board – It’s time for governments to do the same…I call on the Provincial Government to get on board,” Harris concluded.