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MPP Harris statement response in the Legislature re. anti-Blackberry petition

May 6, 2015

Mr. Michael Harris: Speaker, I stand today on behalf of Ontarians and Kitchener-Waterloo residents outraged by the shameful anti-blackberry petition presented by the Liberal member from Etobicoke-North.

While Blackberry’s trail-blazing as the leader in secure mobile communications has meant all G7 governments have become BlackBerry customers, the member has suggested blackberry use, quote: “is handicapping, retarding and penalizing MPP’s.”

The member’s choice of words is regrettable, offensive, and quite frankly he should know better.

Speaker, MPP’s smartphones are paid for by Ontario taxpayers – and given rampant privacy and security concerns, Ontarians expect their parliamentarians to utilize the most secure workspace available…

As we know – with more security approvals than any other – that “most secure workspace” is provided by Blackberry.

Frankly, if the member wants the latest apple apps, or “snap-chats” with friends, he can do it on his own dime.

Perhaps he should ask President Obama – or the Department of National Defense – if their use of blackberry is quote, “handicapping and retarding” their work.

Shame on the member for this misguided attack.

Is this the Wynne government’s plan for “building Ontario up”, by tearing down a Canadian institution employing 4700 Ontarians?

As an MPP from Waterloo Region I’m standing today to register my disgust – I encourage the Liberal MPP from Kitchener-Centre to join me in standing up on behalf of her community, to better inform her colleagues of Blackberry’s importance, and prevent this type of offensive, wreckless, insensitive attack.

See my statement here: https://youtu.be/kjv2ohQhXEY