Kathleen Wynne owes us an explanation

May 1, 2015

Why did former Transportation Minster fail to act on lax road maintenance standards?

Queens Park – Former Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne owes the people of Ontario an explanation in the wake of the damning Auditor report highlighting the fatal impact of lax winter road maintenance standards.

“The fact is, Premier Kathleen Wynne was Minister of Transportation for two of the five years – January 2010 to October 2011 – that this damming report indicates government knowingly risked the lives of Ontario motorists to save a few bucks,” Harris remarked. “I think it’s important on behalf of the people of Ontario, and specifically those whose families were forever impacted because of the Liberal Government’s complete lack of oversight, that we ask the questions of how much Transportation Minster Kathleen Wynne knew, and why she failed to act.”

Page 26 of the Auditor General report provides a list of concerns from Ministry staff that the Minister’s failed to Act on:

  • “The equipment complement does not appear to be adequate.”
  • “Plow route is close to the maximum circuit time allowed…circuit times on this route may not be achieved.”
  •  “There is insufficient equipment to service all lanes.”
  • “Route may have insufficient equipment to plow all lanes and shoulders on Hwy 401 east­bound express.”

“How many of these concerns were raised to then Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne? – I think it’s a fair question.” Harris stated. “In the House she boasted that ‘the standards are not lessened. In fact, the standards are kept high’, that ‘We wouldn’t be doing this if safety were at question. We wouldn’t be doing it if quality was going to go down.’

“Well this week obviously, the Auditor felt different. And I think she owes the people of Ontario an explanation now that the watered down standards have been revealed for what they really are.”