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Ontario Budget failing to meet Waterloo Region transportation priorities

April 23, 2015

 QUEEN’S PARK – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP and PC Transportation Critic, Michael Harris says today’s Ontario budget announcement does little to move Waterloo Region forward on its transit priorities.

“While the Wynne Liberals boast of Moving Ontario Forward, they’ve ensured that we in Waterloo Region remain stuck in neutral when it comes to funding the transit and transportation improvements they’ve promised us,” said Harris. “From a lack of any real plan to deliver their promised all-day, two-way GO service for Waterloo Region, to regurgitated references to Highway 7 expansion and LRT, we remain stuck at the back of the bus when it comes to this government’s transportation funding priorities.”

Harris pointed out that while failing to provide any timeline on all-day, two-way GO for Waterloo Region, the budget makes clear that the expansion of Regional Express Rail for Waterloo may require funding partnerships or municipal asset sales to move forward.

“The Wynne Liberals have come down to Waterloo Region countless times since the last election campaign to tell us that all-day, two-way GO train service was just around the corner, now it seems they want us to sell off our assets to meet their commitment for them!” Harris charged. “Meanwhile we watch as arbitrary Wynne funding decisions fully fund some Light Rail Transit programs in Mississauga, and now perhaps Hamilton, while others such as Waterloo saw their LRT provincial funding cut from two-thirds to only a third of project costs.”

Harris says he will be seeking clarification from the Minister and the government in the coming days and weeks to hold them to account for the ongoing, unmet promises the people of Waterloo Region expect to be delivered.