From Liberal fantasy to costly reality – carbon tax denials give way to cap-and-tax truths

April 13, 2015

Queens Park – 10 months after telling Ontarians, a carbon tax was, “not part of our plan”, Premier Wynne’s announcement for a new cap-and-tax finally pulls back the curtain on the costly truth for Ontario consumers.

That, according to Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris who highlighted the about-face before asking in the Legislature for Government to take the next step and come clean on the fact that it is money rather than environment driving the Liberal carbon scheme.

“Look, when I last asked in the Legislature about Wynne Government carbon tax plans, I was told that I must have been reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’  as a Liberal carbon scheme ‘simply does not exist’,” said Harris. “The Premier followed that up this summer indicating that a carbon tax was, ‘not in our plan’….10 months later, Liberal debt and deficit economic realities have finally forced them to reveal the truth to Ontarians.”

Harris explained that based on experiences in other jurisdictions there’s little doubt that an Ontario cap-and-tax scheme will further damage the economy, put Ontario companies at a competitive disadvantage, kill jobs and, saddle Ontario families with higher prices.

“This carbon scheme will raise the price of just about everything and every service Ontarians use that require any form of transportation to deliver,” Harris pointed out. “Make no mistake, this is not about environmental protection, it’s about taking more out of taxpayers wallets for Government’s spending addiction.”

Harris observed that there’s no shortage of solutions to combat climate change, such as conserving energy, investing in public transit, preserving green space, and working with industry to innovate on efficient carbon reducing technology. He added however that with Ontario ratepayers already paying some of the highest energy prices on the continent, and the deficit rising steadily for the last three years, the Liberal carbon tax scheme points the province in the wrong direction.

To watch the video Michael Harris’ question in the house, click link below: