Continued rapid climb in public sector wages shows Wynne-Liberals have no financial control: Harris

March 27, 2015

Kitchener – The 2014 Sunshine List for public sector workers earning over $100 thousand shows the Liberal government continues to allow public sector wages to rise at an unsustainable rate to the detriment of the province according to Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris.

“Look this is the highest single increase to the Sunshine List ever, 13.9% over 2013 – an inexcusable amount given the financial situation in the province” said MPP Harris. “Take Hydro One for instance….here we’ve heard that our electricity bills will be going up by $120, and the same day we see that 77 per cent of Hydro One employees are now on the sunshine list – that’s not a coincidence.”

Additionally, the number of CCAC employees on the list increased by 67%.  Given the problems to the system and recent service cuts, this increase is unconscionable. Harris further noted that, contrary to government claims that the rate of public sector raises is declining, the information released today shows that is clearly not the case

“I see as well that Metrolinx has 98 more people on the sunshine list than last year, a 38% increase,” Harris noted. “Clearly the increases right across the board show that the Wynne-Liberals are not serious about meeting their deficit reduction targets, nor do they appear to be concerned about the implications of ballooning public sector salaries.”

Harris says he looks forward to pressing the government on the rapid Sunshine list increases in the Legislature.