Transportation Critic says unaffordable $27.50 one-way ticket to Pearson puts U-P express on wrong track

December 10, 2014

Queen’s Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris is asking why the Wynne-Liberals are putting fares for their airport link out of reach for the very travellers the Union-Pearson Express was designed to service.

“At 27.50 for a one-way ticket between Union Station and Pearson, government runs the risk of severely turning off potential ridership and forcing them back onto our roadways, adding to the traffic congestion the service was developed to alleviate,” Harris said. “It will actually be less expensive for groups of 2 or more travellers to take an airport limo, with the convenience of being picked up and dropped off at their door.”

Harris noted that it’s frustrating to see government announce ticket prices approaching $30, when other jurisdictions are able to offer airport links at a similar length for much less.

“Vancouver and Chicago are able to offer airport links for under $10 dollars – and yet the Wynne-Liberals expect travellers to spend three times that,” indicated Harris. “While they could have provided a needed service at reasonable rates, this government has again found a way to make it more expensive to live, work and travel in Ontario.”

Harris further pointed to the premium for travellers not using the Presto card – in some cases up to 45 per cent of the Presto price – as an unfair burden both on visitors to the province, and those coming from out of town to Toronto for business.

“From everything we’ve seen so far, Wynne-Liberals wouldn’t be able to successfully operate a toy-train set never mind overseeing an actual airport express line,” Harris charged. “At the unaffordable price-point government has announced, I predict empty trains, further traffic congestion and dwindling returns from the “ghost-train express” to Pearson.”


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