From smart meters up to MaRS building, Auditor General report digs into decade-plus of Liberal Government waste: Harris

December 10, 2014

Queen’s Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris says the 2014 Annual Report by Ontario’s Auditor General is the latest confirmation of the high cost payed by taxpayers for over a decade of Liberal mismanagement and waste.

“The price-tag grows daily as the Wynne Liberals find more money pits to sink our tax dollars into,” Harris pointed out. “In fact, by 2017-2018, the Auditor General tells us Ontario will owe a crippling $325 billion – nearly $23,000 for every Ontarian!”

The Auditor General report is only the latest to raise serious red flags over out-of-control spending by the Wynne Liberals following on the heels of condemnations from the Conference Board of Canada, and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

“While the Auditor General is confirming the cost of past Liberal mismanagement, the scary thing is they show no signs of letting up – this spending-addicted regime has four more years to dig us deeper.” Harris noted. “The sad fact is that every dollar wasted is funding that could go to Ontarians priorities – like health-care, education, helping senior‎s and our most vulnerable.”

The Auditor General report highlighted a long list of concerning examples of gross incompetence including:

• $2 billion squandered on smart meters that fail to meet government power consumption reduction objectives, adding costs to ratepayers’ bills;

• $300 million and counting for the MaRS Phase 2 bailout;

• A failure to inspect nearly half of all residences for Ontarians with developmental disabilities since at least 2010;

• No co-ordinated approach to provide Palliative Care services. Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, a non-profit organization, says 12,000 people need residential hospice care annually; and

• The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care having no idea where nearly 1 million flu vaccines purchased per year end up

‎”In the end we all pay the escalating price, while accountability and service delivery continue to plummet,” charged Harris. “Residents in Kitchener-Conestoga work too hard to see their tax dollars frittered away, while the services they need and depend on deteriorate further under an unaccountable government.”

Harris indicated the 2014 Auditor General report will provide another vital tool to help the Opposition pry off the lid on wasted government spending and press for the promised accountability that has been absent for over a decade.

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