MPP’s Harris, Scott launch website and petition to ‘Ground the Flight Tax’

November 6, 2014

QUEEN’S PARK — PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris was joined by Tourism Critic Laurie Scott today to announce the launch of a website and petition to ‘ground the flight tax’, taking direct aim at government’s aviation fuel tax increase.
The petition calls on government to “Ground the flight tax increases pending meaningful consultation and a full study of their adverse economic impacts before it’s too late to reverse the damage to Ontario’s economy.”
“The Premier put forward a 148 percent tax increase on aviation fuel, without any consideration of its economic consequences – the loss of up to 3,000 jobs and $100 million in GDP is just the start,” said Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris. “So we want to give those impacted – families and business people paying the tax-increased ticket prices, the air travel and tourism industry – a voice to, ‘Ground the Flight Tax’ before it’s too late.
Harris noted that the website was being launched after government’s continued refusal to listen to the facts and expected dire impacts should the full tax increase be implemented.
“The Liberal aviation fuel tax increase creates barriers to growth in the tourism industry,” Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock Laurie Scott, “It will not only impact Airlines and Airports but will impact hotels, restaurants, travel agents and tour operators.
A study by Dr. Fred Lazar of the Schulich School of Business indicates that eliminating – as opposed to increasing – the punitive tax, as BC, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have already done, could provide a $138 million economic boost, add 52,000 additional tourists and close to 2,000 jobs.
“We’re moving in the wrong direction, sending tourists and even our airlines outside our borders where other aviation tax-free jurisdictions are only too happy to welcome the economic input,” Harris indicated. “I’m hopeful our petition and website will help to turn this ship around – giving a voice to those impacted and working with them to ground the flight tax before it’s too late.”
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