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Transportation Minister unable to define all-day two-way GO Train Service – Commitments made are “aspirational in nature”

October 28, 2014

QUEEN’S PARK – After failing once again to provide a timeline for delivery of all-day, two-way GO Train Service to Kitchener, Minister of Transportation Steven DelDuca was unable to define what all-day two-way even means for the Kitchener Line when pressed for answers by Kitchener-Conestoga and PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris at today’s Estimates Committee meeting. 

“This Liberal government continues to dodge the question of what two-way all-day GO Train Service is despite previous misleading announcements that have Kitchener residents believing trains will soon be running every 15 minutes in both directions,” Harris said. “Instead of providing an answer to this important question, we see the Minister stumbling over his words in an attempt to back pedal from his government’s election promise.”

When Harris asked for a timeline on increased GO Train Service, DelDuca explained that there are a lot of announcements and commitments that governments and MPPs make during elections that are “aspirational in nature,” further proving that this government has no real transit plan for the Kitchener GO Line.

“How can the people in Kitchener and the rest of Ontario be led to believe we will have all-day two-way GO Train Service on the Kitchener Line when the government says it was an ‘aspirational’ commitment,” Harris said to DelDuca. “This government has a track record of not delivering on their promises, especially in the Region, so it concerns me greatly now that I’ve called their bluff.”

Back in March 2014, Premier Wynne committed to all-day two-way GO Train Service at the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce and during the 2014 Election, former Transpiration Minister Glen Murray said this service would be delivered in five years.

“To date, they have not been able to provide an evidence-based business analysis or budget for the GO expansion to Kitchener so how can this project move forward like they promised if there is nothing to back it up?” Harris questioned.

To watch the videos of estimates today, click links below:

Transportation Minister’s definition of all-day two-way GO Train Service – http://youtu.be/ERJ1nQwfVv4

“Aspirational in nature” quote – http://youtu.be/bW93P1nZmsQ


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