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Harris stands up for parents fighting to save St. Agatha School

April 22, 2014

ST. AGATHA – The committee reviewing the future of St. Agatha Catholic School should listen to parents fighting for their children’s education by putting forward more than just one closure option for trustees’ consideration at a school board meeting next week, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said today.

“The committee initially had four options up for consideration – two of which included keeping St. Agatha school open. But in a short-sighted move, the committee decided to proceed with only one option – to close the school,” Harris said.

“Parents deserve better. They shouldn’t have to stand by while their local school-board meeting is reduced into nothing more than a formality with the foregone conclusion of removing Catholic education from their community forever,” Harris said. “The school board should do the right thing and tell the committee to present multiple options so that trustees actually have a decision to make next week, not a decision to rubber stamp.”

Harris made his concerns known in a letter today to Wayne Buchholtz, chair of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. This letter follows two other letters sent last year by Harris to the Education Minister and Buchholtz, advising them to carefully consider the consequences of shutting St. Agatha’s doors for good.

“For generations, this school has been the foundation of St. Agatha – bringing together family and friends around learning, faith and community traditions,” Harris said. “But with all the warnings from parents, it seems as though the Minister and the school board have not fully heard their concerns.”