Liberals plan to move eco-tax from receipt to price tag with new bill

June 6, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – In a sleight of hand, Environment Minister Jim Bradley claimed he is taking steps to meet the Ontario PC Party’s demand to eliminate eco-taxes, but, in reality he’s only planning to move these controversial levies from consumers’ receipts to price tags on store shelves, PC Environment Critic and Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said today.

“Since the Liberals created the province’s first-ever eco-taxes in 2008, our Party has been demanding that these needless levies be scrapped. That’s because we think it’s fundamentally unfair that the Liberals have spent the last five years forcing consumers to pick up the tab for recycling tires, electronics, paint cans and batteries by surprising them at the cash register with a sneaky eco-tax,” Harris said.

“Today, the Environment Minister said he would meet the Ontario PC Party’s demand to scrap eco-taxes with his new recycling bill, but all he’s actually done is create a system that requires eco-taxes to be included in the final cost of the product,” Harris said.

The Environment Minister’s bill, surprisingly, axes each and every recycling program the Liberals have created, yet preserves Ontario’s only successful program: the Blue Box, which was created by the former PC government.

“The Minister’s bill is a stunning admission of failure by the Liberals, who’ve left Ontario’s recycling rate stalled at 23% for more than a decade.”

In November last year, the Ontario PC Party presented a bold Conservative plan to better protect our environment, lower costs for businesses and to treat recyclable materials – not as waste – but as valuable resources that we should recover and recycle into new products.

“We’d return government to its true role as a regulator and allow the private sector to manage its own recycling,” Harris said. “Under our plan, government would set measurable and achievable recycling targets, establish environmental standards and measure outcomes. That’s it.”