Liberals will stop at nothing to defend Drive Clean cash grab

June 3, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Environment Minister Jim Bradley was unable to back up claims he’s made about the impact of vehicle emissions, as the Liberal government continues its desperate attempts to justify the existence of Ontario’s Drive Clean program, PC Environment Critic and Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said today.

“Even for the most basic questions, the Minister struggles to provide accurate information,” Harris said. “To me, the Minister’s inability to acknowledge facts shows that the Liberals will do everything in their power to defend the Drive Clean program, which, we all know, has become nothing more than a government cash grab.”

In question period today, Harris pointed out that the Auditor General reported last December that “on-road vehicle emissions have declined so significantly from 1998 to 2010 that they are no longer among the major domestic contributors of smog in Ontario.”

Even though Ontarians already have the truth, that fact didn’t stop the Minister from telling the Toronto Sun last week that “automobiles are the single largest domestic source of smog pollution in Ontario.”

“You would think that the Minister would have more respect for Ontarians and would, at least, check his facts before defending this Liberal tax grab,” Harris said. “But, we all know, it’s in the Liberals’ interest to keep this cash cow going. That’s why, earlier this year, they introduced a new emissions test with a computer glitch – making more cars fail and generating even more cash for the government.”

Harris called on the Minister to table the report requested by the Auditor General last December to assess the costs and benefits of the Liberals’ new e-test but was, again, unable to get an answer.

The Ontario PC Party has called for Drive Clean to be scrapped and has launched a website to advance this cause, where concerned Ontarians can sign an online petition or download a petition form to fill out and send to the Legislative Assembly. For more information, log on to