Ontarians expect more from government than debt, scandals

April 29, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – At a time when the province is buckling under a more than $270-billion debt and has more than a half a million people out of work, Ontarians expect their government to take bold steps to rein in spending and kick start economic growth, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said today.

“But, unfortunately, we’ve seen the opposite from the Liberals,” Harris said shortly after question period. “Rather than confront the challenges our province is facing, the Liberals have spent the last year and half defending their politically motivated decision to waste a billion dollars, cancelling the Mississauga and Oakville gas plants in a desperate and cynical attempt to win the 2011 election.”

Earlier this month, the Auditor General reported the Liberals’ claims that the Mississauga gas plant cancellation only cost $190 million were false. The actual number, as reported by the Auditor General, was, in fact, $275 million.

“Ontarians now know that the Liberal government repeatedly lied to them. Still, this hasn’t gotten the Liberals to change tack on their contrived story about the Oakville gas-plant cancellation, which they purport is just $40 million,” Harris said. “Nobody believes that figure. And when people can no longer believe what their government says, they can no longer have confidence in that government to manage the affairs of the province.”

The Ontario PC Party is set to table a non-confidence motion today over the Liberals’ gas-plant scandal.

“After showing such a blatant disregard for taxpayers – at the expense of the economy and creating jobs – Ontarians deserve a vote in the Legislature by the politicians who claim to represent them – including the NDP,” Harris said. “This vote will give Ontarians the ability to say if they want a new team and a new direction for cleaning up the mess the Liberals have made.”