Auditor General exposes true cost of Liberals’ gas-plant scandal

April 15, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – Today the Auditor General confirmed what the Ontario PCs have been saying all along: the Liberal government covered up the true cost of the Mississauga gas plant cancellation from taxpayers, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said.

“Ontarians are now on the hook for at least $275 million to cancel the Mississauga gas plant – $85 million more than the amount the Liberals claimed was the total for nearly a year,” Harris said. “Even though Kathleen Wynne sat at the cabinet table and chaired the Liberals’ 2011 campaign, it took the Auditor General’s report to confirm how much taxpayer dollars were blown on the government’s politically motivated decision. Ontarians deserve better from their Premier and their government.”

Harris added that the Auditor General confirmed the cancellation costs were substantially higher than they should have been as a result of the Liberals’ panicked decision to shut down construction in order to save a few Liberal seats in the GTA during the last election.

Although we finally know the cost of the Mississauga gas plant, the investigation is far from over, Harris continued, adding that the Liberals’ cover-up continues on the Oakville gas plant cancellation.

“Even though documents say otherwise, Premier Wynne continues to deny knowing anything about the Oakville cancellation. To make matters worse, the Liberals keep telling taxpayers that the cancellation will only cost $40 million, while independent energy experts estimate that it could cost more than $800 million,” Harris said.

“From shutting down the Legislature, to withholding documents on three occasions, the Liberals have avoided accountability at all costs,” Harris said. “The Liberals still fail to recognize the severity of the hundreds of millions of dollars that they wasted to save five Liberal seats.”