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Liberals must take immediate steps to restore extracurriculars

January 15, 2013

Michael Meets with Huron Heights S.S. Students to Discuss Extracurriculars Petition

KITCHENER – Today, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris called on the Liberal government to take immediate steps to restore extracurricular activities at elementary and secondary schools, after sending a petition signed by more than 340 Huron Heights students to the Ministry of Education.

“For far too long, the Liberal government has idly stood by allowing teachers’ unions to deprive young people of these essential activities, which they rely on to develop new skills and build lasting friendships,” Harris said in a letter sent to Education Minister Laurel Broten today.

Students, who have already missed out on sports and other after-school programs, now fear the teachers’ unions will force their members to boycott extracurricular activities for the next two years.

In light of this prospect, Erica Boer and Taylor Cloutier, two Huron Heights students, recently presented a petition signed by their classmates to MPP Harris, which calls for an end to the disruptions at their school. Many students provided individual notes outlining the heartbreaking effects of their teachers’ job action.

One Huron Heights student explained, “Last year, I tried out for badminton and didn’t make it. This year was my second chance to do a sport I love. Now it is taken away.”

Several young athletes and performers preparing for college and university have lost the very activities they plan to continue and develop throughout their lives, either as a career or a hobby.

“The Liberals’ pleas to the unions have obviously fallen on deaf ears,” Harris said. “Statements of good intentions are not going to solve these problems. Ontarians need and expect their government to act now. So I’m calling on the Liberal government to take immediate steps to restore extracurricular activities at our schools.”