With no leadership contenders, what are the Liberals running from?

November 1, 2012

QUEEN’S PARK – With no one stepping up to contend for Liberal Leadership, one has to ask what monstrous, political mess are the Liberals hiding that so many people are running away from the top job, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said today.

“Up until a few weeks ago, we had the likes of Dwight Duncan and other so-called ‘top stars’ positioning themselves to be the next Liberal Party Leader,” Harris said. “Now, more than two weeks after Dalton McGuinty stepped aside, no one wants it on their resume.

“My wager is: they took a good look at the books, at the true cost of the Liberals’ made-in-Ontario jobs and debt crisis and their growing list of scandals, and the Liberal Leadership hopefuls were simply scared off from running.”

Harris referred to his motion requesting that Health Minister Deb Matthews release government documents related to eHealth – a scandal that has cost taxpayers more than $2 billion. Similar to what happened with Energy Minister Chris Bentley’s $1-billion seat-saver program, Matthews responded months after the original request, stating the documents could not be produced right away. One month later, McGuinty stepped aside and shut down the Legislature, without the documents ever being released.

“This really is a negligent government set on auto-pilot because everyone’s hiding from scandal,” Harris continued. “Matthews has yet to say whether she’ll run in the Leadership race. Is there something in these documents that’s holding her back?  When the House finally does resume, the PCs will be requesting these documents again.”

With so many people refusing to run, one thing is for certain: the Liberals have no plan to fix the mess they created. And as the Liberal Party tries to drag someone out to run as its next Leader, reckless overspending continues, the debt is racing towards $411 billion and 600,000 women and men woke up without a job this morning.

The Ontario PCs have been clear that the province needs a sitting Legislature in order to pass pro-growth policies and laws that would kick-start the economy, help create jobs and rein in reckless overspending.


“To cover their own hides, the Liberals have turned their backs on Ontarians,” concluded Harris. “None of them wants to clean up or be accountable for the horrendous mess the McGuinty government has left behind as its shameful legacy.”