Metro News confirms Liberal MPP’s carbon tax comments 100% accurate

August 31, 2012

QUEEN’S PARK — Liberal MPP Phil McNeely’s assertion that Metro News Ottawa misquoted his comments praising the idea of imposing a needless carbon tax in Ontario have been firmly debunked by the newspaper’s editor, PC Environment Critic and Kitchener Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said today.

McNeely was quoted in a Metro News article published on Aug. 22, saying a carbon tax “makes sense” for Ontario, but “minority government’s a difficult position to even start talking about carbon.”

Harris issued a media release on Aug. 24, calling out McNeely for supporting a reckless carbon tax that, if imposed in Ontario, would increase the cost of gas, groceries and hydro.

Harris then raised the issue in the House on Aug. 29 and sent out a number of tweets informing Ontarians about McNeely’s support for this reckless economic theory and the potential for a carbon tax in Ontario if the Liberals gain a majority.

Within moments, McNeely responded by tweeting a link to a blog post on his website uploaded on Aug. 27, claiming Metro News Ottawa had misrepresented his carbon tax comments.

“On Wednesday, my office spoke with Metro News editor Sean McKibbon about the accuracy of the article and learned that Mr. McNeely had never contacted the media outlet to ask for a correction,” Harris said. “If Mr. McNeely had actually been misquoted, you’d think he would have at least contacted the editor to raise some concerns with the article instead of just blogging about its alleged inaccuracy on his website.”

Metro News Ottawa then responded to McNeely’s allegations on Twitter explaining that the story was, in fact, accurate.

“Clearly, Mr. McNeely believes a carbon tax is a good policy. In the article, he praises other provinces that have implemented carbon taxes. So the question then becomes, why would he claim that he was misquoted about supporting a carbon tax, when he, in fact, supports this controversial levy?” Harris asked.

“Was he silenced by Liberal campaign manager Don Guy and Dalton McGuinty’s strategists who believe now isn’t the right time to talk about their plans to roll out a carbon-tax scheme in Ontario?” Harris said. “Mr. McNeely has to stop hiding behind wild accusations. He can clear the air today by just stating whether he supports are carbon tax or not.”