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Harris: Liberal Mismanagement of Ornge Leaves Local Patients at Risk

June 8, 2012

KITCHENER – Serious concerns about patient safety at the scandal-plagued Liberal agency, Ornge, continue to be raised in Waterloo Region. Recent revelations have confirmed that the Liberal government has failed to take corrective action to restore the integrity of Ontario’s air ambulance service, leaving residents of Waterloo Region and Southwestern Ontario at risk.

“Waterloo Region is served by the Ornge base in London, the same base that left a critically ill six-year-old girl waiting three hours for an ambulance and that sent paramedics to pick her up in a taxi,” said Harris. “The McGuinty Liberals have the audacity to claim that things are getting better at Ornge while patients are dying and frontline paramedics abandon the organization in droves.”

The situation in Southwestern Ontario continues to deteriorate under the McGuinty Liberals. According to a Windsor Star editorial, “The Ornge ambulance crisis has become a full blown scandal, and the Liberal government can no longer deny it.”

“The Minister of Health has repeatedly refused to heed the warnings from frontline paramedics and pilots about the corruption and risks to patient lives at Ornge,” Harris said. “The situation has continued to deteriorate putting people’s lives at risk in Waterloo Region and across Southwestern Ontario.”

“As a regional Minister, Kitchener-Centre MPP John Milloy has completely failed to put the interests of local residents ahead of partisan politics,” said Harris. “Day after day Milloy rises in the house to defend an incompetent and negligent Health Minister while ignoring serious concerns about the state of local emergency dispatch services.”