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After Four Months Waterloo Region Still Waiting for Liberals to Act

June 6, 2012

QUEEN’S PARK — Today Michael Harris, MPP for Kitchener-Conestoga, again called on the McGuinty Liberal government to act on the long-standing public safety concerns relating to emergency dispatching problems in Waterloo Region.

During Question Period today, MPP Harris asked the following questions:

First question: My question is to the Minister of Health. I rise today not to question the Minister’s ability to manage ORNGE or emergency dispatching in Waterloo Region … because, let’s be honest, we all know she’s miserably failed at both. Instead, I rise today to question the Minister’s ability to manage basic correspondence.

Minister, Waterloo Region Chair Ken Seiling sent you a letter dated February 10th calling on you and your government to address serious problems with emergency dispatching in the Region of Waterloo. But here we are … four months later, and you haven’t even replied to the Region’s concerns.

Minister, my question today is simple: do you have any plans to respond to this important public safety concern raised by elected officials in Waterloo Region? Yes or no?

Second question: Just last year, confusion between emergency dispatching centres led to a significant delay in both the land and ORNGE air ambulance response to a fatal helicopter crash in the Region of Waterloo. This should have been a wake up call for the Liberal government, especially since the Region has been pleading for the province’s help.

But the problem gets much worse. The letter I’m holding here was also cc’d to John Milloy, the Member for Kitchener-Centre. But he also decided to ignore the Region’s concerns. Since the Member for Kitchener-Centre has completely failed, as a regional minister, to stand up for the people of Waterloo Region, the PC Party will.

Minister, how can the people of Waterloo Region have any faith in your government when you and your colleagues continue to overlook these life-and-death matters?