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Local Daycare Plans Must Consider Ontario’s New Fiscal Reality

February 16, 2012

KITCHENER — The Drummond report’s damning indictment of Dalton McGuinty’s mishandling of the public purse – and specific recommendations on changes to the education system – means that the province must direct the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) to abandon its plans to take control of before- and after-school daycare programs in the Region, MPP Michael Harris said today.

Don Drummond, former chief economist at TD, recommended in his voluminous report yesterday that the provincial government should eliminate 70% of the additional non-teaching positions created in school boards since 2003.

In light of Drummond’s recommendation that nearly 9,700 non-teaching positions be eliminated to balance the books, it simply doesn’t make sense for the WRDSB to hire more non-teaching staff.

“Mr. Drummond made it very clear yesterday that if Ontario is going to get back on sound footing, we need to address the province’s two largest expenditures: health and education,” Harris said.

With the prospect of user fees for school buses, a 25% reduction to school textbook and computer funding, in addition to other increased costs families are facing, the public school board needs to recognize the reality of Ontario’s fiscal position and abandon plans to bring before- and after-school daycare programs in-house.

“Based on Ontario’s fiscal reality, the Education Minister and Premier must take action to ensure no new costs are added to the public purse,” Harris said.